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Website development brief

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Information about the company
Please send the logo and corporate identity if the company has them. In addition, you can specify which of the elements of corporate identity you need to develop.
It would be better to indicate examples of company sites, working in your field. If there are none of them - any others. Please do not forget to name the main reasons why certain examples were mentioned in this list.
List the functionality requirements, if they are needed, for example: import / export; integration with 1C; filter of parameters, personal account, its direct purpose; and all other individual requirements (as this directly affects the final budget of the project)
Indicate the possible main sections of your future site, describe the main page in detail and comment the sections content (with indicating the types of content or features of each page):
Further development and advertising
Budget and deadline
It is not necessary to indicate the price "plug" you are ready to work with developers. You can win without mention it in technical requirment if developer names the lower price. At the same time you will risk losing some stuff, that developer is ready to do for an amount of money you can actually afford. When you specify the approximate cost, you will give developer an opportunity to offer you the solutions in the specified price frames, saving time of both sides. In addition, indicating the price "plug" does not eliminate the developer necessity to justify the amount that he asks for his work.
Your comments, questions, wishes
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